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Münzenhandlung on Mierendorffplatz

+49 30 24321493

Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 89, 10589 Berlin, Germany

Excerpt from Münzenhandlung on Mierendorffplatz Website (translated):

Welcome to Berlin’s Münzen Profi:

(1) We rate your coins and precious metals fairly, competently and free of charge.
(2) We buy your coins at the highest prices.
(3) We sell historical and modern coins of all kinds.
(4) We advise you competently, free and discreetly

Visit our cozy coin shop.

Coin purchase and sale is a matter of trust. As a competent coin dealer, we are known for our reputable purchase prices, which we pay out immediately in cash. So do not hesitate to contact us if you want to break away from numismatic values. In any case, you will receive from us a free, fair price offer!

Over a cup of coffee, Mr Hursit Ari will advise you on all matters relating to coins.

We look forward to you.

We are a member of the Professional Association of the German Coin Trade.

Th. Pollandt Münzen am Zoo (Coins at the Zoo)

+49 30 88776999

Joachimsthaler Str. 39/40, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Excerpt from Th. Pollandt Münzen am Zoo (Coins at the Zoo) Website (translated):

Cash for coins, banknotes, jewelery, break gold, dental gold and luxury watches.

With a sale of over 250 euros we will gladly pay you the parking fees (Viktoria, former Ullrich parking lot, parking garage Gedaechtniskirche, Nürnberger Str. Europa-Center)

You can sell your coins or your gold jewelery with us, or if you are not permanently from their Seek to separate, try a separation on probation, and mortgage your treasures with us. We value your valuables for purchase or for a mortgage loan. There are specialists for jewelery and gemstones and myself as specialists for coins and banknotes.

I am Member:

  • in the professional association of the German coin specialized trade registered association The professional association of the German coin specialized trade registered association is the union full-time active coin dealer in Germany. Its purpose as a professional association is to promote the common professional interests of the coin trade and numismatics. In addition to general commercial issues, he therefore devotes himself to the active protection of collectors, as only an atmosphere between dealers and collectors, kept free from dubious machinations, can maintain a successful basis of trust.
  • in the Central Association of the German Pfandkreditgewerbes eV The Central Association of the German Pfandkreditgewerbes was founded in 1950 and is the umbrella organization of private mortgage lending companies in Germany. Of the approximately 200 member companies, 470 million euros in loans are paid each year, and the trend is rising. The member companies undergo a voluntary control by the Central Association. The association’s arbitration board mediates in disagreements between customers and member companies.

Stamp and Coin House Finn

+49 30 66766702

Finowstraße 2, 10247 Berlin, Germany

Excerpt from Stamp and Coin House Finn Website (translated):

The stamp and coin house Finn was founded in Berlin in 2010 and has since successfully positioned itself on the market of stamps and coins with philatelic and numismatic offers. But also the areas banknotes, medals and decorations as well as small antiques and accessories offer your treasures in our offer.

As an expert in philately and numismatics (BVFS), examiner in the Association of Philatelic Experts (VPEX) and many years as a philatelist and numismatist, also for various well-known auction houses, Ragnar-M. Finn a maximum of quality and seriousness. We consider these criteria as an indispensable asset in order to give our customers a good feeling based on the basis of negotiation.

For our house is: quality and seriousness are not only a must, but also a virtue!

We offer you here a constantly changing offer in buying and selling, which will certainly hold for you one or the other valuable treasure! Just visit us in our shop in Berlin Friedrichshain directly at the Frankfurter Allee or call us!

Münzhandlung Astrid Rippel

+49 30 43667832

Falkenpl. 7, 13505 Berlin, Germany

Excerpt from Münzhandlung Astrid Rippel Website (translated):

If you want to sell your gold, silver or your coins, then you are right with us. We buy gold, silver and coins at fair and always current prices.

As coin dealers and valued experts for the purchase and sale of gold, silver and coins in Berlin, we have been known in Berlin for more than 20 years. We buy gold, silver and coins at fair prices from coin dealers and private individuals and are your reliable and fair partner for the purchase and estimation of your gold coins, silver coins – including collections – and for the purchase of enamel gold, dental gold or gold jewelry available. When buying gold or silver, we determine the respective value according to the daily current gold or silver price. Thus, you will receive from us a reputable and real price for your investment. When you sell your gold, silver or collector coins, we determine the gold or silver value or collector value.

Do you want to buy coins? Then visit our coin shop.  Here you will find selected coins of the collectors Empire, Weimar Republic, Third Reich, German colonies and dependencies as well as coins of the GDR. We also have a range of paper money for you.


+49 30 6263359

Bacharacher Str. 39, 12099 Berlin, Germany

Excerpt from TEMPELHOFER MÜNZENHAUS Website (translated):

“The Tempelhofer coin house – three generations of numismatics”

1974, Heinz Senger and his wife Marianne founded the Tempelhofer Münzenhaus in Bacharacher Straße 39. To this day, this is the unchanged company headquarters, where the shop is located.

Already in 1978, the second generation joined the business with son Matthias. Since 1999 he continues the business, in the new millennium came with his sons Dennis and Patrick the 3rd generation. Everyone shares a passion for numismatics.

In 1978, the first coin auction was carried out. In 2015, we proudly look back on 148 successful auctions. Through the participation of our international clientele, we regularly achieve exceptional results and optimal returns for our suppliers.

With the purchase and sale of coins, medals, banknotes and gold jewelery in our shop as well as our 3 x annually new stock sheet, we round off our familiar service for the customer in addition to the individual and confidential advice we take for granted.

The stock sheets each with over 10,000 offers allow the collector’s friend to close even smaller gaps in his collection inexpensive.

Through our presence at international coin fairs, we are constantly expanding our customer base.  Benefit from our expertise and many years of experience.  We are the right contact for you:

When selling or auctioning your pieces
When expanding your collection
Our services for you
We guarantee a discreet business transaction
Business is open Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm.
Due to closing times, please ask for the current opening hours
We also offer individual consultation appointments
We rate your pieces for free
For extensive collections, we offer home visits
We offer direct cash purchase
We regularly accept auction receipts

Meine Münze

+49 30 88668654

10247 Berlin, Germany

Excerpt from Meine Münze Website (translated):

We, the “Meine Münze GbR”, are a young company and distribute high-quality collectors’ coins in our online shop.

We are passionate coin collectors and have been very interested in numismatics since childhood. We have made our passion with the “My coin” to the profession and would like to inspire you also for the coin collecting.

Our goal here is to offer you high-quality commemorative and collector coins that have a real potential for value enhancement.

With us you will also find plenty of information and valuable tips about coins. In addition, you will receive detailed numismatic data and background information about the offered coins.

We stand for seriousness and competence.

We want to win you over as a long-term satisfied and enthusiastic customer. Our offered coins, from gold coins over 5-euro coins to silver coins, are official issues of the Federal Republic of Germany. They were coined in the five state mints and therefore represent valuable coins with real collector value.

With us you will not find worthless medals at overpriced prices, but only official issues and thus high quality coins with real appreciation potential at fair prices.

We want to offer you a simple and successful introduction to the exciting world of numismatics and to impress you in the long term for collecting these visually fascinating collectibles.

Our motto “Enthusiasm with the future” combines the passion for coin collecting with investing in promising value systems.

We would be happy to welcome you as a customer and collector.

Discover the world of numismatics with us!


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