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National Coin Broker


1000 E Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

At the National Coin Broker, you can buy rare coins and even sell you rare coins and special metals with the National Coin Broker.  You can be sure you are getting the best value for your goods.
The National Coin Brokers are highly respected and nationally recognized brokers dealing in rare silver coins, precious metals, mint issues and rare gold coins as well.

If you inherited rare coins but have no use for them or want to become a collector in this field, then the National Coin Brokers can help with all these. Some people find the coin world a little confusing so even if you aren’t sure if you want to buy or sell but would like to ask questions first and gather your information they are available to help in this aspect as well.

With well over 3o years dealing in the industry their knowledge is correct and they are consultants that you can trust.They are not limited to just coins and metals they are also a bullion bank which means they sell silver and gold bullion to.

The company has a focus point and that is educating people about the field and creating a trusting and stable relationship with the customers. Schedule private consultations are available free of charge where you can bring in what you are wanting to sell or to look for the next buy for your collection or perhaps just after some helpful information the National Coin Broker team are there to help with hassle free no obligations.

Transactions are quick and easy, very secure and discreet. There is a free beginner’s guide available on their website for further information to understand a little more about the coin world before making any decisions.

Park Avenue Numismatics


2742 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

At Park Avenue Numismatics there is staff with the knowledge and experience to assist you in every way that they can. You can be a first-time buyer or even a seasoned collector it doesn’t matter they offer exceptional customer service, friendly advice and the dedication to help you with your needs. Park Avenue Numismatics have been going since 1988 and offer something for everyone. The dedicated staff attend each show and auction and give you want list services and even some auction representation.The staff are there to help you acquire coins for your collection or offer their assistance when selling your own collection or single coins.

Have a look at the finest rare coins in the rare coin market and be sure to find what you need. Friendly service and advice if you are unsure what your items may be worth give them a call and have a chat with the staff who can assist you with the information you need.

Gold is the thing and if you are looking at purchasing liberty head, generic saints or Indian head US gold then Park Avenue Numismatics is the place to go. Go straight to the source to avoid being mucked around and given secondhand information. Park Avenue Numismatics offers everyone and every budget to purchase rare coins discreetly and securely. If you are just wanting some good old first-hand information about collecting or after some buying tips then speak to the staff at Park Avenue Numismatics who offer friendly advice and correct information to get what you want.  No matter your needs check out Park Avenue Numismatics to gain access to the rare coins or sell some of your unwanted coins.

A Friendly Coin Shop


9300 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33156

A Friendly Coin Shop deals in precious metals, rare coins, jewelry and diamonds.   With 28 years of experience, they strive for honest dealings and reliable information.

As licensed auctioneers they can purchase your items or auction them or even appraise your items if it is for estate purposes. You are dealing with the best in every section.

If you are dealing as the executor of an estate and trying to liquidate or simply just want some appraisals done on jewelry and antiques you may have inherited A Friendly Coin Shop can help you out.  This company has been branded with honestly and reliability with pure dedication to get the best deals for the customers. Offering immediate cash for the products and the ability to close the estate with accuracy.

They are interested in buying:

Estate jewelry
All watches
Scrap gold
Platinum items
The list goes on. If you are not sure if what you have is worth anything you can always take a picture and send through an email for a prompt reply to your question.

At A Friendly Coin Shop they are experienced in the field with the qualifications to handle your closing affairs as well as the smaller things like antiquities and other valuable items.  Available via phone or email to speak to the friendly staff about your valuable items or estate.  While every coin is not rare and valuable they may be able to offer you other options for what you can do with the coins.  If you are just after some advice give them a call or send an email to get an answer you are seeking nothing is too hard for A Friendly Coin Shop.

National Rare Coins and Estate Buyers


4000 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021

National Rare Coins and Estate Buyers is the biggest buyer for rare coin collections. This company go in prepared to buy at the highest price possible to make sure you are getting a good deal. They also offer the service of buying U.S. paper money and silver dollars.

With nationwide clientele, the National Rare Coins and Estate Buyers are getting the best selection of silver and gold bullion. The company was founded in 1979 and is family owned and operated making it a more respected service.

The company has over 55 years of experience that gives you peace of mind knowing your valuables are in honest and reliable hands. They have the ability to assess your collection and give you the best outcome they possibly can.

Rest assured National Rare Coins and Estate Buyers are bonded, insured and licensed and certified with PCGS and also NGC.  A company that does not strive for profit, so you can be guaranteed you are getting the best price for your coins. Possible overnight payments to the customers that are safe and secure.  National Rare Coins and Estate Buyers are proud to say they are still have the largest group of silver and gold bullion.  The certified coin dealers can come to your home or the bank if you have a large collection and give you the most information about the item that they can and let you know where you stand with it.

Most people wonder will they get the best price for their coins with National Rare Coins and Estate Buyers you are sure to get the best price due to the fact they are still the largest buyer for rare coins giving them the ability to pay the best dollar.  Prices can range for different coins, their rarity and the condition they are currently in, so it is best to contact the company directly to discuss their worth.

National Coin Wholesalers


500 S Federal Hwy #1624, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

The National Coin Wholesalers is privately owned but nationally recognized buyer and seller of gold, rare coins and silver.  With many years of experience, honest service and friendly customer service that is the reason for their large inventory and their big list of client referrals. The company work with you as an individual to achieve the best outcome for you whether you are investing or selling.

You can grow your wealth with the trusted hands of the National Coin Wholesalers as they strive to protect the savings from uncertainties.

Take a look at the website to see some of the coins listed be mindful thought these are just the start. With buying all sorts of coins each day there is a huge inventory to seek out. National Coin Wholesalers attend major shows and auctions and even participate weekly.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new collector or seasoned they are happy to work with all types of collectors and enjoy sharing their knowledge with those who have a passion for gold and silver coins.

If you have a specific item you have been searching for have a chat to the national coin wholesalers they have the knowledge and the branches to find that specific item you are searching for. Even if they are not listed on the website they company will still get to work and search for that item you have been searching for. There is a form on the website you can fill out for your “want list” and they will get searching for it straight away simple and easy.  If you are just researching what price your coin set could be worth they are happy to make you an offer. It is their pleasure to give you an opportunity to deal with them directly whether selling, buying or just checking out what it’s all about they are ready to help.

Gables Coin and Stamp Shop


82 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Gables Coin and Stamp Shop has been there since 1967. We have all coins and stamps that you might need for all your collections. We specialize in buying and selling of ancient coins which differ in prices. The ancient coins include Drachma 336-326 BC, Macedom Tetradrachm 336-323 BC and so many other coins.

Gables Coin and Stamp Shop also has world coins from different countries like Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, Central America, North America and South America. There are certain countries that used gold coins such as America, Spain, Argentina and many others.

Gables Coin and Stamp Shop has the US bills ranging from large size note, military payment certificates and Small size notes. The world bills Gables Coin and Stamp Shop has are from different countries including; Middle East, Europe, Africa, American and so many other countries.You can contact us to receive your coin and stamp anywhere in the world through shipping.


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