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Coinfully – Phoenix

(623) 254-7390

Concierge At-Home Appraisals by Appointment & Online Appraisals Available now

When looking for Coin Shop In Phoenix, most of our users have been opting to reach out to Coinfully.  Primarily for 2 reasons:
  1. For large or very valuable collections, a Coinfully numismatic team will make a house call and provide a free appraisal and top-of-market offer on-site.
  2. For smaller collections, Coinfully’s groundbreaking online appraisals allow collection owners to easily get bids without even having to leave the house.

 In both cases, Arizona residents are able to obtain a free valuation and sell their collection through Coinfully without the risk of transporting their valuable across town to a local coin shop.


 There is a lot of great information on the Coinfully website; however, the public reviews posted on Trustpilot illustrate their client’s success stories better than anything.




Phoenix Coin Shop


15030 N Tatum Blvd #150, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Dealing with all types of coins and currency, you will find a variety of gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, rare coins, currency notes, and bullion from the Phoenix Coin Shop.  The store buys, sells, and auctions many of these collectible coins and other precious items you might be interested in collecting.  What is great about the Phoenix Coin Shop is that they take the time to speak to their customers and educate them about the different pieces and coins.  With years honing their knowledge about coins and other rare specialty items, they can impart in-depth knowledge about collectible items.


  • Gold and silver are bought at exact spot prices. Every 15 minutes, the price for gold and silver are adjusted accordingly. This means you get the best deal every time you sell your gold to the Phoenix Coin Shop.
  • Platinum and diamonds are paid in cash. You’re given the absolute best price because the shop has the latest equipment and certified scales to evaluate the pieces you sell.
  • All types of currency are bought with the highest amount possible, whether you want to sell loose coins or full currency sets and bills. You get the best deal every time.
  • Bullions are priced according to fair market value, depending on its precious metal content. Modern XRF Technology is used to accurately assess the quality, weight, and value of gold, silver, and precious metal bars.
  • Free quotes are always offered to help you make an informed decision on whether or not to sell your coins and other specialty items.

The Phoenix Coin Shop is located at 15030 N Tatum Blvd #150, Phoenix, AZ 85032, USA. Call them at 480-799-8777 or send them an email at

C&C Coin and Stamp


3404 N 24th Street, Phoenix AZ 85016

Located at 3404 N 24th Street, Phoenix AZ 85016, USA, C&C Coin and Stamp buys, sells, and appraises coins and other valuables. Their affiliation includes the Professional Coin Grading Service, the Certified Guaranty Company, and the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation that guarantees you the best deals.

Buying and Selling Coins

C&C Coin and Stamp has an experienced retail staff that will not only ensure the best value for the coins and currency you want to buy or sell but also educate you on the items you are interested in.  A detailed coin sheet, complete with pricing information will provide you the details you need to understand why an item is valued as such.  You can sell as many coins as you want at the best possible price. Even scrap pieces of precious metals, loose gemstones, and broken jewelry will fetch you a fair and competitive price when you stop by C & C Coin and Stamp.  Gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals are evaluated based on several important factors, including collectability factor, condition of the item, and current resale value or market price.

As for paper currency, you will get the best value based on its condition and rarity. High degree of collectability is based on how limited the supply of paper currency is, after all.  Regarding buying rare coins, C & C Coin and Stamp has a huge inventory of collectible coins. And if you can’t find what you are looking for in the shop, such as a unique type of currency or a specific rare stamp, the shop will find it for you.  The shop guarantees stress-free shopping so you can rely on them to make every transaction as easy and quick as possible. Every sale is kept confidential too.

The C & C Coin and Stamp shop is designed to provide collectors a welcoming and hassle-free atmosphere. Here, you will not be pressed to buy or sell anything.

Coin Gallery


4224 W. Dunlap in Phoenix, Arizona, 85051

Dubbed as the #1 coin and bullion destination in Arizona, the Coin Gallery is your source of US collector coins and currency, gold coins, gold bars, silver coins, and a full range of precious metal bullion products.  They offer appraisal services for coin collectors and buy collectibles direct and in cash. Regardless of the quantity and numismatic holdings, the Coin Gallery can handle it.  Both beginning and experienced collectors will appreciate the store’s capacity to handle the largest transactions competitively. Their knowledge of coins and specialty items make them a fount of information and answers to questions you might have about the collectible items you are interested in.  They will answer your queries or discuss your holdings at no cost.

Some of the collectibles they carry include the latest Proof Coin Sets, pre-1933 era gold coins, silver coins, and collector coins certified by the NGC and PCGS.

Gold and Silver Prices

Prices of gold and silver coins or bars are based upon Spot Bullion prices for a specific time and date, which are regularly updated based on the changing market prices.  This means the price offered to you a couple of hours ago may not be the same at the time you completed a transaction with Coin Gallery as actual prices may have already changed.  Some of the silver coins they buy and sell include the US pre-1965 90% silver coins, Canadian .800 silver coins, Mexican .725 fine silver coins, 40% silver half dollars, and 35% silver war nickels.

As for gold coins, they buy and sell American Eagle, Australian Kangaroo, Half Ounce American Eagle, Tenth Ounce American Eagle, Half Ounce Canada Maple Leaf, Quarter Ounce Austrian Philharmonic, and Twentieth Ounce Chinese Panda, to name a few.

Coin Gallery also buys gold bars.

The shop is conveniently located at Collectors Friendly, 4224 W. Dunlap in Phoenix, Arizona, 85051. Call them at 602-242-2931 for your queries.

Valley Coin Company


10632 N Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85254

The Valley Coin Company buys at top dollar gold, silver, and platinum coins. With a reputation for honest dealing and as members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the American Numismatic Association (ANA), you can rely on them to offer you the fair market value and the best deal in town.  They appraise, buy, and sell US Gold and Silver coins, Foreign Gold and Silver coins, Chinese Gold and Silver Panda coins, Paper money, Proof sets, Mint sets, Precious metals including platinum, Jewelry, Sterling silverware, and 90% silver.  Some of the US coins you can buy and sell are American Eagles, Pre-1933 US Gold, Buffalos, High Reliefs, First Spouses, and Commems.

Whether you want to acquire individual coins or a full set, the Valley Coin Company will accommodate your needs. Appraisal of your coin collection is also done at no cost on your part.

If you are unsure if the coins you’ve unearthed is a collectible item or will fetch you a handsome price, give the shop a call or visit them to speak to any of their experienced and knowledgeable staff. Known for their friendly customer service, you don’t have to worry if you have zero idea about collectible coins when you speak to them.

Meet the Owner

The Valley Coin Company is owned by Tom Jensen, an avid collector himself who discovered his love for the hobby since he was a child. He has bought and sold precious metals and coins for millions of dollars all over the US.

His knowledge and enthusiasm for collectible coins, specialty items, and numismatics will greatly help a collector like you or an investor reach their desired outcome using their collection or investment as leverage.

Located at 10632 N Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85254, you can contact them through their website, call them at (480) 994-3325, or visit their shop that is opened from Monday to Friday at 9am to 5pm and on Saturday at 10am to 2pm.

Misty Mountain Coins


13439 N Cave Creek Rd Ste#4 Phoenix, AZ 85022

An accredited dealer by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Misty Mountain Coins is your one-stop numismatic shop. But they’re more popularly known as a source for rare coins in Phoenix, Arizona.  Beginning and long-time collectors and investors from all over the world rely on this shop to provide them the rare coins they need to complete their collection.  You have the option to visit their shop to buy and sell coins. But you can also have your purchases shipped to you as nationwide shipping is available.

Rare Coins and Bullion

All silver, platinum or gold bullion that the Misty Mountain Coins carry have the quality that is NGC certified. They offer a variety of American Silver Eagle coins, including those with a perfect 70 rating and a Walking Liberty obverse.  Other silver coins on sale include the 1838-O 10C Seated Dime NO STARS NGC-certified coin, 1861 25C Proof Seated Quarter, NGC-certified 1865 50C Seated Liberty, and many others.

The shop also sells gold bullion at great prices and gold coins, such as gold Krugerrands, which are prized by investors for their long-term value. You can also buy from them NGC-certified gold buffalo coins.  If you are more interested in acquiring Platinum Eagle Coins, the Misty Mountain Coins can provide for your needs, including the 1997 W $10 Platinum Eagle and 2004 $100 Platinum Eagle.

Customer Support

Whether your interest in coin collecting came out of the blue or you have been looking for rare coins for a long time, Misty Mountain Coins will help you find the coins and bullion you need to complete your collection and educate you on each one of them.

Located at 13439 N Cave Creek Rd Ste#4 Phoenix, AZ 85022, you can visit their shop from Monday to Friday or make an appointment outside of normal business hours. Call the shop at (888) 612-0625 for any questions you have or to ask about their inventory.

B.J.’s Stamps and Coins


6342 W Bell Rd Glendale, AZ 85308

If you’re looking for coins and paper money to collect, B.J.’s Stamps and Coins is your go-to shop in Glendale, Arizona. With caring, friendly, and knowledgeable staff, you won’t have to worry about going into coin collecting with little idea on the matter.

The shop strongly recommends visiting their store in person to see their full collection of coins, paper money, collections, stamps, jewelry, and supplies that collectors need.

But for your convenience, they also sell one-of-a-kind items online through their store on eBay and Amazon.

Coins and Collectible Items

Some of the coins that B.J.’s Stamps and Coins buy are the United States Gold, Silver, Nickel, or Copper Coins; Original Dollar Rolls and Bags; All US Gold Coins; Foreign Coins; Morgan Dollars & Peace Dollars; Barber Dimes, Quarters & Halves; Indian Heads & Lincoln Cents, V-Nickels; Standing Liberty Quarters, Bust Quarters, Bust Halves; Proof Sets & Mint Sets; and US & Foreign Paper Money.

US gold coins with better dates are more than welcome but other types of coin in nice condition and other collections with gem proof condition will be accepted.

When it comes to stamp collections, B.J.’s Stamps and Coins has no shortage of them. The store carries a huge variety of stamps with the list often updated. This makes it easier for anyone to start collecting stamps.  In addition, the shop also sells unique items, such as commemorative coins, gold and silver bars, magnifying glasses, plate blocks, and binders.

The shop also buys coins, gold or silver jewelry, and other collectibles. Just bring the items you want to sell into the store to get an honest appraisal and a fair price. Rates are based on off-market values, so you know you’re getting the best deal every time.

B.J.’s Stamps and Coins is located at 6342 W Bell Rd Glendale, AZ 85308. Call them at (623) 878-2080 or send an email at

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