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Tomahawk Coin & Antique Company

(724) 787-9523

416 Frick Ave, Scottdale, PA 15683

Excerpt from Tomahawk Coin Company website:

My name is Vic Baker and here is my story on how I came into buying coins and antiques.  I grew up in hilly SW Pennsylvania it’s where my family has always been from, as a child I was around farming & construction, we had always seemed to try to make things last, some of the equipment being outdated (or literally antique). Being around these items must have left an impression because our main focus today on finding old antique items comes from picking farms.

My wife and I got into dealing when we had first got engaged, we would and still do travel the east coast doing shows, once we had children we opened a store in Scottdale, Pa, sort of a place to call home. Coins have always been what we are known for but in the past few years we have been active in trying to find some of the best antiques that we can.

The greatest part of this business is the objects we get to save and great people we get to see, whether we are on the road, at shows, or in the shop, there’s nothing better than getting to do something your passionate about.

Banner Coin Exchange

(412) 261- 5696

347 Fourth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Excerpt from Coins & Banner Coin Exchange website:

Receive the cash you need in a matter of minutes with currency exchange at our shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Locally owned, Banner Coin Exchange Inc. has provided customers with quality service for more than 50 years. We give top dollar for your coins, jewelry, silver, etc. At our shop, you always receive an honest, reliable quote without any fluff. We’re upfront and tell you the best price that we can offer for your valuables. Come see why our clients call us Pittsburgh’s number-one place to sell your gold.

Olevian Numismatic Rarities

(844) 667-2646

Smallman St & 17th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Excerpt from Olevian Numismatic Rarities website:

Olevian Numismatic Rarities is one of the top Pittsburgh coin dealers, as well as an authorized precious metals distributor of gold, silver, and platinum bullion products.  With an emphasis on integrity, ONR is committed to building strong business partnerships with all clients as one of the most trusted gold buyers in Pittsburgh. We will strive to make the numismatic collecting and investment experience as pleasant and financially rewarding as possible.

ONR will purchase every coin, banknote, and precious metals product that you wish to sell, either by immediate cash payment or by consignment, depending on your preferences. We will also buy back everything we sell to you for a fair market price. Unlike many other companies, which are highly selective in what they buy and require you to transport a potentially heavy and often valuable collection to their office for review, ONR will purchase your entire collection at once and can travel to your location to do so– saving you the time, hassle, and security risk of transporting your coins.

ONR offers expert appraisals for all United States coins, paper money, bullion, and other elements of numismatic antiquity. For your convenience and to maintain confidentiality, arrangements can be made to have your collection appraised in the privacy of your own home or business.

Harold B. Weitz, Inc.

(412) 521-1879

6315 Forbes Ave #208, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Excerpt from Harold B. Weitz, Inc. website:

We are Pittsburgh’s premier rare coins dealer – come shop where the dealers shop.  Family owned and operated, we have over 50 years of combined experience.  Located in Squirrel Hill, our business’s success has been built on long term relationships with our clients, both collectors and dealers. Over the years we have built a strong loyal customer base that numbers in the tens of thousands.  We pay the HIGHEST PRICES GUARANTEED! But don’t take our word for it, take a look below at some of our most common item and then call us today to setup your free appraisal.

Market Harmony Coin and Bullion Shop

(412) 468-4653


Excerpt from Market Harmony website:

Buy, Sell, and Trade in person
Old and Rare Coins
Gold- 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K
Sterling Silver and Silver Jewelry
Fine Jewelry Heirlooms
Diamonds and Gemstones
Platinum Coins and Jewelry
US Mint Sets and Proof Sets
US Gold Eagles and Silver Eagles
Silver and Gold Bars
Fine Art

Professional Services Available To You

Coin Grading with PCGS and NGC, or have your certified coins sent to CAC for consideration.
Appraisals of your coin collection (by appt. only).
Authenticate coins with a numismatist.
Test the purity of your precious metals.
Submit gold and silver scrap lots for melting and processing in our melt shop.
Submit your precious items to be consigned for sale with us, or to be auctioned.
Let us help you to build the collection of your dreams.


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