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Coinfully – DC

(771) 210-3255

Concierge At-Home Appraisals by Appointment & Online Appraisals Available now

When looking for Coin Shop In DC, most of our users have been opting to reach out to Coinfully.  Primarily for 2 reasons:
  1. For large or very valuable collections, a Coinfully numismatic team will make a house call and provide a free appraisal and top-of-market offer on-site.
  2. For smaller collections, Coinfully’s groundbreaking online appraisals allow collection owners to easily get bids without even having to leave the house.

 In both cases, DC Area residents are able to obtain a free valuation and sell their collection through Coinfully without the risk of transporting their valuable across town to a local coin shop.


 There is a lot of great information on the Coinfully website; however, the public reviews posted on Trustpilot illustrate their client’s success stories better than anything.





Capitol Coin & Stamp Co Inc

(202) 296-0400

1616 H St NW B1, Washington, DC 20006

Excerpt from Capitol Coin & Stamp Co Inc website:

Capitol Coin is like a museum where everything you see is for sale!

We’re one of the few places in the world that combines the history of politics with the history of money. We’ve got Reagan, Kennedy and Clinton memorabilia along side Double Eagles, gold pieces and uncut sheets of paper currency.

Visiting our store is a fun experience for hobbyists, tourists and serious collectors alike. It’s a must-see for political, history and coin fans of all types.

But we’re also a serious business, dealing in coins, precious metals, autographs and political memorabilia. With more than 50 years of serving the public, Capitol Coin is a safe, reputable venue to buy or sell gold, silver or platinum along with valuable coins, paper money and political items of interest.

We handle the careful appraisal, sale or consignment of individual items as well as estates or collections.

Our web site features just a fraction of what we have to offer in the store, but we’re gradually adding to our online inventory so stop back often! You can submit questions for an expert answer from Nelson, buy items online or submit information about items you’d like to sell via our web site. And whether you visit our store online or in person, you’ll always get reliable, honest and friendly service.

Coins International

(202) 363-0306

Washington, DC 20016

Excerpt from Coins International website:

We are long-time professional numismatists with a wide range of experience and knowledge of coins and other items of many countries and ages. We started this family business in 1955 and have been serving customers with integrity ever since. Not many dealers can boast that kind of longevity.

We are mail order dealers, meaning that we do business via mail and not via a store. We buy from and sell to individuals from around the world. We have purchased and visited Asia and Europe in our search for fine coins for our customers. Our expertise is at your service when you buy or sell from us. We travel actively in search of the finest coins and other items, so we may be slow in getting back to you from time to time if you have questions, but when we do you will have our full attention.  We can travel to you if you want to sell important coins or a collection.

Unlike some dealers, we also have an extensive stock of Canadian, foreign coins and paper money as well as medals and tokens. We also specialize in quality ancient coins. These include Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Medieval coins in gold, silver and bronze. We also offer stamps and related items.  Please note that all our stock is kept in bank vaults and we cannot show clients our stock if they wish to visit us, except by advanced prior arrangement.

Our Managing Director and Owner is a member of the American Numismatic Association, the largest numismatic organization in America. We are bound by its ethical requirements and rules which gives our buyers certain rights. Our owner is also a member of the American Numismatic Society which is the oldest such national group in America. We are also members of the following clubs and societies:

  1. Early American Coppers
  2. Tokens and Medals Society
  3. Washington Numismatic Society
  4. John Reich Society

Most importantly we are here to serve you and provide you with assistance in your collecting need. We are not a high-pressure organization but rather dedicated to providing the best coins at the best price that are as described. We also are always interested in purchasing rare and quality old coins at the highest possible prices.

Bonanza Coins – Gold & Jewelry Buyers

(301) 585-1480

940 Wayne Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Excerpt from Bonanza Coins – Gold & Jewelry Buyers website:

Julian is one of America’s foremost dealers in rare coins and paper money.

Julian gives you access to a large selection of collectible coins, currency, tokens, and medals from the United States and all across the world. He operates Bonanza Coins, a retail store in Silver Spring Maryland, which has been serving the Washington DC/Baltimore area since 1961. Julian offers a wide range of services to collectors, dealers, and the general public, including:

  1. The opportunity to buy coins, sell coins, or trade coins
  2. Written coin appraisals and Free Verbal Appraisals
  3. Assist in the formation (or location) of any U.S. coin or currency collection.
  4. Counsel to collectors, dealers and corporations on any aspect of the numismatic business or hobby.
  5. Acting as a personal representative for any numismatic transaction at a maximum commission of 10%.

Are you interested in dealing directly with a licensed gold buyer serving the Maryland and Washington DC area?

Bonanza Coins now has an in-store buyer for non-coin precious metal items such as fine and scrap gold jewelry, silver and platinum jewelry, silverware, and various other precious metal items. Avoid the meager payouts and uncertainty of pawn shops, web based, unlicensed buyers preaching the “cash for gold” hype.  Bonanza Coins is state licensed for buying fine and scrap gold jewelry, platinum, silverware and various other precious metal items.  Whatever your reason for selling gold may be, we are here to provide you the best value.  Your satisfaction is important to us as our reputation is more valuable than any precious metal.

Alexandria Gold and Silver

(703) 765-2408

6911 Richmond Hwy #310, Alexandria, VA 22306

Excerpt from Alexandria Gold and Silver website:

Alexandria Gold and Silver has been the place to sell gold in the D.C. metro area for many years, servicing both the jewelry and estate businesses as well as individuals that have personal gold they wish to sell. We have made a name for ourselves by paying a consistent, industry leading 90% payout on gold jewelry. Being an industry leader is obviously a big deal (our clients receive the best prices!) but being consistent in that great pricing is what gives our clients peace of mind; you know what you are getting before you walk through the door and you know what you are getting every single time.

We are dedicated to offering the most competitive prices on your jewelry, coins, and bullion. We specialize in the buying and selling of precious metals in all forms, including bullion, coins, scrap gold jewelry, industrial silver scrap, photo silver, Mint Bars, US Silver, Canadian and foreign silver. We understand that your possessions have financial and emotional meaning to you, and we offer set prices with no pushy tactics. Feel free to come in for an appraisal just to compare with other places. Please give us a call to get a quote or drop by anytime M-F 9am-5pm and the first Saturday of each month from 9am-1pm.

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