The dealers in our directory provide a great service, but you should start with a free appraisal with

OK, we’re called Sell Coins Near Me, but hey, we live in a big country! We guess there’ll be people out there wondering just what ‘near’ might mean for them. Two hundred meters? Or two thousand miles?

Well, great news. Our network of dealers is wide and comprehensive, so there will likely be one not a million miles away from where you live.

Here’s the thing though. Finding a coin trader that’s convenient to you AND trusted by coin sellers can be tougher than it looks.

Reviews are a great place to start when you’re checking out whether a coin trader is reputable or not. Look them up on Trustpilot and other review locations to see what their customers have to say.

And you may not need to even go as far as your nearest city to stumble across a dealer you can trust. There’s one team of numismatic experts so near you don’t even have to leave your couch, let alone package up your collection and risk damaging it along the way.

Coinfully is a family-fun business which offers a free detailed coin appraisal quickly and easily online. The team will talk you through the process from start to finish and have an honest discussion with you about the realistic sale value of the coins or coin collection in your possession. Should you then wish to proceed Coinfully offers a top-of-market price, thanks to a large network of collectors in their little black book.

Good advice and a fair appraisal for your coin collection

Coinfully prides itself on offering a way forward for those who have always wanted to get a valuation, on an inherited coin collection perhaps, but have felt totally lost about how to go about it. OK, you could go to your nearest coin dealer but may be reluctant to do so because your lack of knowledge makes you nervous. We get it.

You wonder if you’ll find the whole experience confusing. The bonus of speaking to Coinfully is the efforts they go to make sure you’re not confused by any jargon. Customers comment on their clear, honest, and open advice which allows you to then make an informed decision.

Here’s one of Coinfully’s recent Trustpilot reviews, dated 28 March 2023:

I inherited a coin collection unexpectedly and did not know how to exchange it for its cash value. I looked into local appraisers and coin shops but the amount they were willing to pay was disappointing. I was intrigued to find Coinfully that offered to pay a higher rate based on their nationwide approach. From the start they were fast and professional. During the process they taught some things about the collection and why the values came out where they did. Their final offer was indeed quite good, and the transaction was quickly done. I would recommend Coinfully to anybody looking to sell a coin collection of any size.

The guys at Coinfully haven’t just appeared out of nowhere. They’re lifelong experts, endorsed by fellow coin collectors. You need someone that knows what they’re talking about when it comes to a coin appraisal. The McDonald family behind Coinfully are industry leaders in giving trusted advice and values on everything from rare coins to inherited coin collections.

They even offer a ‘concierge’ service where a Coinfully numismatist will come right to your doorstep. Neat, huh?

Coin appraisal at your home

The great thing about Coinfully is that geography need never be a consideration. In their case, Sell Coins Near Me means Sell Coins As Close As You Can Possibly Get!

In our modern busy world, Coinfully recognizes that people need all the help they can receive, answering the need for a quick, stress-free way to appraise and sell coins from the comfort of your home.

So if you’ve inherited a coin collection and you’re wondering what it’s worth or just want to know more about it, we recommend you schedule a free appraisal with the experts at Coinfully today. There’ll never be anyone nearer!