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Who is in the best position to appraise my coins, maybe even gold or silver coins, collectibles like rare dimes or a liberty nickel, or even rare U.S. banknotes. People who might provide insight into their value in the current market?

How can I determine their worth accurately and who can help me estimate, calculate and assess their true worth? 

As a business that deals with coins, whether it’s for pleasure or for money, it’s a crucial question.

When it comes to selling a coin collection, trust is everything. You may well be letting go of an inherited coin collection, or one you have yourself treasured for many years. The thought of being taken for a ride by a less scrupulous coin dealer is unbearable. 

Variables like condition and mint of origin are just a few of the factors that influence the value of coins. That’s why it’s so important to find a reputable and knowledgeable expert in numismatics who can provide an accurate assessment.

How to find a trusted numismatist to appraise your coins

Trustpilot has become an established way of making a decision on where to find expert and reliable advice, and perhaps reading articles about coin collections. And when it comes to coin or banknote appraisals, Coinfully, a reputable and established coin dealer, is right up there at the top of the tree.

With a Trustpilot score of 4.7 out of 5, their service and expertise in calculating coin worth is clearly hard to beat.

Just look at what Coinfully customers say, during personal interactions.

‘Top-notch experience,’ writes GS in April 2023. ‘Every interaction with Coinfully was timely, professional, and informative. Their ability to accurately estimate the value of my coins, including my rare dimes and liberty nickel, surpassed my expectations. I am very impressed with the depth of knowledge, the willingness to explain, and the openness of their process. I would definitely work with them again and recommend them without hesitation.’

‘Very easy to deal with,’ adds Bob (January 2023). ‘Very personable. Accurate evaluation via email and a great personal meeting in my home to answer all my questions. Their expertise in assessing the condition and mint of my coins reassured me. I am very pleased with all aspects of the transaction.’

And Steven (November 2022) states, ‘Awesome experience and exactly as promised!’ He continues, ‘They made the process of appraising and selling my father’s coin collection VERY easy. And they navigated the business of assessing monetary worth with unparalleled expertise. I thought they were not only fair but actually pleasant to work with, too! They guaranteed a price and I received the cheque within about four days of them receiving the coins. They wanted the coins shipped Priority Mail, which was inexpensive, and they had their own insurance on the shipping, so that I did not need to pay for that extra cost at the Post Office. Highly recommended and would use them again.’

Who doesn’t want trusted, expert coin value advice, and a speedy service?

When it comes to Coinfully, you can see why we’re so happy to point you in their direction. The best coin appraisal has to be one that factors in every minute detail and one you can trust.

Going straight to Coinfully takes away a whole part of the process that potential customers justifiably can find both confusing and tiresome.

Researching reputable coin dealers is time-consuming

Visiting stores and enquiring about a coin dealer’s expertise and experience in appraising coins is not the most valuable use of time. 

Same goes for undertaking the same coin appraisals research process with auction houses.

Indeed, some auction houses may actually charge a fee for coin appraisals or may require you to consign your coins for sale before telling you the coin prices you can expect to fetch.

Joining a coin club or society is a great way of talking to experienced collectors and experts who can offer guidance and appraisals, but again this might not be a viable alternative if you are seeking a quick appraisal of an inherited coin collection.

Coinfully’s credentials as a coin appraiser are there for all to see. You know when they answer your call you will receive nothing other than the finest advice on the coins in your hand.

Advice that you can 100% guarantee will be in your own best interests. And advice that comes quickly and easily online with you needing nothing more than a mobile phone in your hand.

If that’s the type of expert coin appraiser you’d like to talk to then prevaricate no longer!

Are you looking for a reliable, realistic coin valuation where you can expect accuracy of information, based on prices a buyer is willing to pay TODAY?

Then head to Coinfully