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OK, you’ve decided you want to sell your coins. Maybe you:

  • Want to reallocate your funds
  • Need a way to make quick cash via a sale
  • Want money to buy another coin you really want
  • Want to give your coins to someone else, a coin collector who will really value them
  • Are worried about market conditions, the price of silver, for example
  • Are pursuing another hobby or interest and no longer want to collect coins

Whatever the case, when it comes to selling a single item or a coin collection, timing can make a big difference in the price you receive and there are a few key questions and options to keep in mind before you take the next step.

How do you find the peak moment to sell?

Whether you’re selling dozens of quarters, hundreds of silver coins or thousands of pennies, first and foremost is the current market conditions. The coin market is constantly fluctuating, based on supply and demand as well as swings in precious metal prices.

If the market is flooded with certain types of rare coins, prices for those coins may be lower than usual. Conversely, if demand to trade a certain coin or series is high, there’s a chance you could sell your collection to one buyer for a premium price.

Another factor to consider is your own financial situation. If you need to sell your collection quickly to raise some dollars for a major expense in your life, such as a home renovation or medical treatment, waiting for the market to improve may not be feasible.

However, if you’re able to hold on to your collection for a while longer, the bottom line is it may be worth waiting for the right time to sell if you have the option.

Timing can also be influenced by knowledge of external factors, such as upcoming auctions or a coin show. For example, if a major coin or antique auction is scheduled to take place in your area, then the economics of supply and demand will doubtless be affected.

Who’s got the time to track gold prices?

This might all sound a little daunting. For instance, most of us don’t have a detailed understanding of market conditions. Even if we wanted to research it, chances are we’d struggle for the opportunity to get into the details. And that’s why consulting reputable coin dealers or coin appraisers is always a good idea.

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In addition, their process is simple, and you’ll get the full range of coin-collecting information you need on things like grade, quality, history and condition. In short, they are a coin dealer you can trust.

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