The dealers in our directory provide a great service, but you should start with a free appraisal with

Here at Sell Coins Near Me, we’re extremely proud of our directory. For people with a coin collection or even a single coin to sell, our guide gives them an exhaustive list of dealers, shops and buyers all across America.

It’s always good to find a buyer near you. It cuts down the risk of damaging the coins in transit, reduces travel costs, and generally makes life simpler for the seller.

But it’s even better to do it remotely, cutting out the risks altogether. Our first choice for selling coins online is a company called Coinfully which has been taking the world of numismatics by storm.

With experts based all over the US, Coinfully’s online coin appraisal service is a fantastic way for sellers to get a fair price for their coins without hauling them to a store.


What makes Coinfully’s service so good?

Because of their background in numismatics, the people who run Coinfully are not content with just making a few bucks for the seller and leaving it at that. They have a passion for educating their clients, making sure they understand what they have got and why the coins are valued that way.

Say you’ve been left a coin collection as part of an estate, and you’ve no idea what to do with it. The first smart thing Coinfully will do is complete a free appraisal on it – without you getting up out of your armchair!

They have a sensitive approach to honouring the memory of people who leave coins as part of their estate and they have testimonials to prove it. And to top that, they have network of buyers around the world they can call on. Buying through Coinfully means putting your coins into the hands of real enthusiasts, not middlemen just looking for a quick sale.

As the disclaimer on our homepage makes clear, some suggested valuations online are way over what they would ever fetch in today’s market. Dealers have a nasty habit of cranking up valuations to pull in views and clicks – often, they have no idea what a collection is worth.

Coinfully doesn’t operate in that world. The business was set up specifically to help coin sellers get the very best value for their collections. They have a strong reputation in the industry and are as passionate about your coins as you are.

The Coinfully way of working is a bit different

Coinfully’s free online appraisal service is a simple, three-step plan designed to ensure customers get a market-leading price:

Step one – it all starts with a discussion between the seller and one of Coinfully’s numismatic experts. They’ll offer initial advice and work out what to do next.

Step two – send them an email or text with some photos of the coins in question, just to better understand the coins’ condition.

Step three – once everything’s agreed upon, you ship your coins directly to Coinfully for a one-day turnaround collection validation and despatch of payment. Then you get paid immediately – not hanging around. Packages are fully insured by Lloyd’s of London and carefully opened under 4k security cameras.

In some cases, Coinfully will provide a concierge in-person coin appraisal service where they’ll travel to you to appraise your coins at your home. This is normally reserved for very large or historically important collections.

Coinfully truly puts the customer first and they passionately believe all coin appraisals should be easy and transparent. Here at Sell Coins Near Me, we’ve seen coin shops and dealers spring up all across the country – but Coinfully deserves its place at the head of the line.