What’s the best way to have my coins valued?

What’s the best way to have my coins valued? So, you’ve decided to dive into the exciting world of coin selling. But before you start picturing dollar signs, knowing the true value of your collection is key. Let’s face it, figuring out what your coins are actually worth can feel like following a treasure map […]

How do I sell my coin collection?

How do I sell my coin collection? So you’ve decided to sell your coin collection. Maybe you’ve inherited a coin collection and don’t know what to do. You could be a novice coin collector just trying to make a little money from your old coins. Whatever your reasons, selling your coins can be a nightmare […]

Who should I sell my coins to?

OK, you’ve decided you want to sell your coins. Maybe you: Whatever the case, when it comes to selling a single item or a coin collection, timing can make a big difference in the price you receive and there are a few key questions and options to keep in mind before you take the next […]

Who can I trust to appraise my coins?

Who is in the best position to appraise my coins, maybe even gold or silver coins, collectibles like rare dimes or a liberty nickel, or even rare U.S. banknotes. People who might provide insight into their value in the current market? How can I determine their worth accurately and who can help me estimate, calculate […]

Getting your inherited coin collection appraised has never been easier!

Getting your inherited coin collection appraised should be simple enough as there’s no shortage of people out there offering this service. But it’s confusing, right? You can spend hour after hour Googling ‘where can I find a coin appraiser?’ or ‘certified coin appraisers near me’ until in the end, all you really want to Google […]

What was the first US gold coin ever minted?

‘Doubloon’ – if ever a word evoked an image of a Spanish galleon being raided by a marauding gang of pirates it’s this – right? The word ‘doubloon’ is actually Spanish for ‘double’ – but it has great significance in US numismatic history. The ‘Brasher Doubloon’ stands as the first US gold coin ever minted. […]

I’ve found a rare coin! What do I do now?

It’s not uncommon for any of us to have a jar full of old coins around the home, especially in these days of the largely cashless economy. Sometimes we might look at these jars and wonder if it might be time to investigate exactly what’s in there. More likely, we absentmindedly flick in another dime […]

Coin Appraisals: What are they, and how can I get one?

Whether you are an avid coin collector or you’ve just inherited a coin collection from a loved one, coin appraisals play a major part in the coin trading industry. They are the base of every transaction, and their purpose is to educate both parties on the pieces in the collection and the value of their […]

Where can I find a trusted coin dealer?

OK, we’re called Sell Coins Near Me, but hey, we live in a big country! We guess there’ll be people out there wondering just what ‘near’ might mean for them. Two hundred meters? Or two thousand miles? Well, great news. Our network of dealers is wide and comprehensive, so there will likely be one not […]